Church Service

Sunday 9:15am

Come early to register and chat. 8:30am Prayer meeting – all welcome .

The Bible reveals who God is and what His plans are for all of humanity. It also introduces us to God’s Son.

God’s Son leads us back to God.

When Jesus encounters someone living a life of rebellion towards God he asks them to turn from that lifestyle and follow him. At Narangba Baptist Church we try our best to help each other follow Jesus.

If you are looking to reconnect with God, or simply trying to understand who He is, we’d love to walk that journey with you.

Our advice is simple :

Don’t make ‘joining a church’ your main goal, instead make your highest goal ‘getting to know Jesus!’

Start by talking to Him.

Ask Him to help you find a church community that can best help you to follow Him.

Jinibara School Hall 50 Cottontree Drive - Narangba