Interested in volunteering?

The first step is to make sure your details are up to date in Elvanto. Your ministry leader can help you get set up as a volunteer.

All volunteers require a current bluecard before they can begin volunteering so its good to get this underway as quickly as possible.


It’s easy to burn out volunteering in church – so NBC volunteers serve one week then have the following week in church. If you join the blue team then you spend the green week in church being refreshed. Simple.


At NBC we’re committed to developing a safe church culture so that all people feel safe from harm and are able to grow in their relationship with God and others. We’ll achieve this by becoming aware of the needs of vulnerable people and taking responsibility for how we can all help to make NBC a safe place. We’re asking everyone who calls NBC home to complete the safe ministry awareness course and for all of our volunteers and leaders to complete the courses appropriate to them.


Awareness Course

The Awareness Course is designed for everyone in your church or ministry because it’s all about how everyone plays a role in safeguarding your church – not just the leaders, pastors or the people serving. The course introduces people to the needs around safeguarding vulnerable people, as well as what signs to look out for. It also encourages people to speak up if they do have concerns.

Requirements: None.

Who needs to do this? Everyone.

Leaders Course

The Leaders Course is designed for anyone in your ministry who’s been invited to serve others; they might be a small group leader, an outreach team member, a band member, a kids leader. The Leaders Course follows on from the Awareness Course and lays out how leaders should behave and ensure their programs are safe. It also provides guidance on responding to people who disclose harm, and further encouragement to speak up with their concerns.

Requirements: Need to have completed the Awareness Course in the past 18 months

Who needs to do this? Everyone who volunteers at NBC.

Supervisors Course

The Supervisors Course is designed for people in your church/ministry who lead programs; they might lead the music program, the kids program, the youth team, the outreach team. These are the people who are responsible to recruiting volunteers, making decisions about program plans and how things will affect participants. If someone had a question about a program, this is the person you’d send them to. This course helps supervisors safeguard their teams and their program plans. It encourages them to ensure they follow recruiting procedures.

Requirements: Need to have completed the Leaders Course in the past 18 months.

Who needs to do this? Everyone who leads a team or ministry.

Board Members Course

This course is designed for “the management”. They might be your Elders, Pastors, or Executive team. It’s the people who bear the legal responsibility for the organisation.

The course provides a simple outline of what your organisation is legally responsible to uphold. It shows what your organisation needs to put in place, and how to do it simply.

It’s been written in partnership with Ansvar Risk, a national provider of risk solutions with years of experience in the faith community.

Who needs to do this? The Pastor, Elders, and Leadership Team.