NBC Organisation Overview




Church Development Team

This role is primarily pastoral in function offering support, care, and advice to the Pastor and Leadership Team.

It is between 2 to 6 people. 

The Leadership Team consists of the Pastor and 4 to 6 elected representatives. They exercise oversight of all areas of the church’s life and ministry. The
Leadership Team meet monthly.

  • Safety Officer
  • Covid Warden
  • Worship Co-Ordinator
  • Missions Co-Ordinator
  • Leader
  • Volunteer
  • Leader
  • Volunteer

The team of Singers, Musicians, and media people who lead our Sunday services.

The team of volunteers who lead our Covid response.

Small Groups meet regularly to care for one another in a more intimate community. Currently our Young Adults are meeting as a small group. Groups are either weekly or fortnightly.

The Bacon Brothers get together to encourage one another and to pray. They hold regular events together, most often as a men’s breakfast. 

The Soul Sisters hold regular events where the women of NBC can encourage one another and pray together.

Church picnics, Camps, Walk2Water, etc.